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How we do business

Our Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct is at the heart of how we run our business, and is designed to help and protect us. It is important that we all understand the rules that we must follow, and the conduct that is expected of us, in order to look after our colleagues, do a great job for customers and protect our reputation. 

Our Code means more than just following the law and our policies. It’s about using our Values and Leadership Behaviours to guide our conduct and decision-making so that we are always doing the right thing for each other and the business. You can find out more about these values and our Core Purpose here.

Download Code of Business Conduct

Responsible retailing

We recognise that some products we sell, such as alcohol and tobacco, can be harmful if misused, or unhealthy if consumed too often. It is an issue our customers care about and we take our responsibility as a retailer of these products seriously.

To support our customers and the communities we serve, we clearly communicate that alcohol is a product for adults. We have strong systems in place to ensure we do not sell to underage customers, including our ‘Think 25’ policy. This policy means that, where a staff member considers that a customer may be under the age of 25, they will ask customers to provide them with valid proof of age, and will know to refuse a sale, where appropriate.

We also use checkout prompts, including a date of birth input, to support our colleagues when checking ID on alcoholic, low alcohol and alcohol-free variants of alcoholic brands. Our colleagues are trained to understand their responsibilities and this training is reviewed regularly. We also use mystery shoppers to test whether our cashiers are correctly challenging customers to prove their age.

As part of our commitment to responsible drinking we have committed to increasing our range of low- and mid-strength beers and ciders, growing and establishing our offer of lower alcohol wines and reducing the ABV (alcohol by volume) of beer and cider where possible. We continue to increase our range of non-alcoholic spirits and lower alcohol spirits, a wide range of which are available from our ‘Zero Zone’, both in store and online. In line with the Public Health (Alcohol) Act, we quickly moved to structurally separate alcoholic products in store to meet the requirements of the legislation. 

For other restricted products, like tobacco, we also have a clear “Think 25” policy. We display posters in aisles where age-restricted products are on sale and also at each till.

Online customers are also made aware of which products are age restricted online and our Think 25 process is also in place for all of our Grocery Home Shopping and Click & Collect orders. All deliveries that contain alcohol have a stamp on the delivery note which prompts the driver to use the Think 25 process with customers accepting the delivery.  We use an external company called Servelegal to test this process and we track compliance using this audit information.

Anti-Bribery Policy 

Bribery and corruption distort competitive markets, increase the cost of doing business and harm customer trust.

This Policy sets out our minimum expectations for complying with anti-bribery laws.

Download Anti-Bribery Policy

Gift and Entertainment Policy

As a business, our reputation is damaged even by allegations of bribery or corrupt practices. 

This Policy provides guidance on appropriate gifts or entertainment and when the giving of gifts or entertainment should be avoided.

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Protector Line

Protector Line allows colleagues and suppliers to raise concerns regarding misconduct at work. If a colleague does not feel able to speak to their manager or Personnel Manager, they can call Protector Line to report:

  • any concerns about something at work they think might be unlawful, that breaches the Code or is against company policy.
  • anything they think is a danger to colleagues, customers or the general public.
  • any concerns they have that information about these things is being deliberately concealed.

Protector Line is completely confidential and run by an independent company for Tesco. Callers don’t have to give their name when they call. If callers do wish to provide their name, the Protector Line will be able to update them on the outcome of any investigation and will also be able to contact them for additional information if necessary.

Protectorline Contact Details

Phone: 1800 903 234