Keeping our shelves stocked and supporting our suppliers

Stocking our shelves

At the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our brilliant colleagues worked day and night to respond to increased demand in our 151 stores around Ireland. While demand was very high for particular products, behind the scenes at our Distribution Centres, our teams picked and packed hundreds of thousands of cases of fresh and ambient foods, and household products for delivery to stores every day, which meant the impact on shelf in stores was low.

As always, we continue to work with our Irish and international suppliers to seek to minimise any impacts on the supply chain, and ensure that impacts on our supplies of food, drink and other products are kept to an absolute minimum.

The video below gives a little glimpse of the work that goes on behind the scenes at our Fresh Distribution Centre, which helps to keep our shelves stocked in our stores across the country.

Tesco Fresh Distribution Centre, March 2020

Supporting our suppliers

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, smaller suppliers have been amongst the hardest hit in the food industry. Many of our suppliers are small, family-run businesses so, to support them and assist them with their cashflow requirements, from March 2020 we initiated invoice payments as we receive them, processing payments within five days, rather than the usual 14-day period.