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Irish households expected to consume almost 7 million potatoes this Christmas

This year, Tesco Ireland expects almost 7 million individual potatoes to be consumed by Irish families alongside their Christmas dinners.  With just three more sleeps until Christmas, Tesco is reminding customers not to forget the all-important fresh Christmas dinner staple to complete the most cherished meal of the year.

It may come as little surprise that simply enjoying Christmas dinner with family on December 25th is the most cherished tradition of all for almost half of Irish people (47%), revealed as part of the Tesco Christmas Trends Report 2020. And let’s face it the traditional Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without the humble potato whether it’s sliced, diced, roasted or mashed as the perfect accompaniment to the turkey, ham, nut roast or the rest of the trimmings.

This year, Tesco confirmed an extension of its twenty-year relationship with Country Crest, the north Co Dublin agri-business led by Gabriel and Michael Hoey, who supply Tesco own-brand fresh potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes.

Annually Tesco sources almost 30,000 tonnes of potatoes including Rooster, Maris Piper, Queens, organic, baby varieties and the signature Tesco finest* roosters, from Country Crest and its associated network of farming families nationwide.

Country Crest employs more than 120 people at its production and farming divisions whilst also sourcing directly from a further 50 farming families across Ireland, including the Harkin Brothers from Bridgend, Lifford, Donegal, who last week were harvesting rooster potatoes for the Tesco Christmas peak.

The Other Christmas Dinner Veg

  • Sprouts
    • The staple love them/loath them veg for dinner plates nationwide. This year, Tesco predicts to shift hundreds of thousands of the mini cabbages in Christmas week.
  • Carrots
    • The world’s most well-known carrot fan, Rudolph, can be safe in the knowledge that the children of Ireland will have enough carrots to feed all the reindeer on Christmas Eve to keep their energy up for the night’s journey.

The Sauces

  • Half (52%) of respondents of the Tesco Christmas report admit that gravy is their preferred sauce with Christmas dinner.
  • Whilst 20% prefer cranberry sauce with Christmas dinner.
  • Meanwhile, Kildare is the Brussels Sprouts capital of Ireland, closely followed by Dublin.

Customers are encouraged, to help avoid a last-minute rush, to consider shopping earlier at off-peak times (pre 11am, post 7pm) and to shop alone where possible, although it is recognised that this won’t always be feasible.

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