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Tesco Ireland Suppliers Join Global Effort to Tackle Food Waste

Additional Irish based suppliers now addressing food waste within their operations

Tesco Ireland has today announced that a further three of its major fresh food suppliers have signed up to tackle food waste in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12.3, to help halve food waste, from farm to fork, by 2030.
Greenfield Foods (Monaghan), Nature’s Best (Louth), and Birds Eye Ireland (Kildare) will now target, measure and act on food waste at their manufacturing sites and work collaboratively to adopt the UN Goal.
The three Tesco Ireland suppliers are the latest companies to join a cohort* of fresh food suppliers, who are collaborating with Tesco to address food waste within their operations in Ireland. Last year, twelve companies joined up with this leading commitment - since then, they have been measuring and are today publishing their food waste data for the first time. Kerry Foods have also continued their efforts as part of the ongoing commitment.
These suppliers to Tesco Ireland are among 71 of Tesco’s largest suppliers around the world, which are today publishing their food waste data, having agreed to target, measure and act on food waste - aligned with Tesco’s participation in the global food waste initiative Champions 12.3.
Welcoming the commitment of Tesco Ireland’s suppliers, Kari Daniels, CEO of Tesco Ireland commented: “At Tesco, we believe that no good food should go to waste and we have been having encouraging conversations with our suppliers on how to tackle food waste along the entire supply chain. We are proud to bring together leading supplier partners and to collaborate on meaningful change as together we work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3.”
Co-Founder of FoodCloud, Iseult Ward added: “With global food waste contributing to approximately 8% of GHG emissions, it is no surprise that tackling food waste is the No. 3 solution to reversing global warming, identified by Project Drawdown.
Tesco has taken a leadership position in developing partnerships to tackle food waste both across their own operations and in the supply chain. This will have a significant impact both in terms of contributing to Ireland’s achievement of the target 12.3 and in encouraging others to pursue efforts to reduce food loss and waste globally.”
Tesco has highlighted the double threat of COVID-19 and the climate emergency to urge companies to make food waste a key part of post-COVID plans to bolster supply chains and build back better.  Every year, a third of the world’s food goes to waste, yet 1 in 11 people in Ireland go to bed hungry each night.  Food waste is critical in the fight against climate change. Every year food waste emits four times as many greenhouse gases as aviation.
Supplier case studies will be available to view on Thursday, 24th September via
Champions 12.3
Champions 12.3 is a coalition of executives from governments, businesses, international organisations, research institutions, and civil society dedicated to accelerating progress toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3.Champions offer three recommendations for leaders to achieve SDG Target 12.3 by 2030:
  • Target: Every country, major city and company involved in the food supply chain should endorse and adopt SDG Target 12.3.
  • Measure: Governments and companies should quantify their food loss and waste and publicly report this information.
  • Act: Based on the insights from measurement, governments and companies should innovate and scale up adoption of policies and practices that reduce food loss and waste. 
*List of 17 Tesco Ireland suppliers committed to targeting, measuring and acting on food waste:
  1. Aryzta (bakery) - Dublin
  2. Stapleton’s (bakery) - Tipperary
  3. Panelto (bakery) - Longford
  4. Country Crest (produce) - Dublin
  5. Total Produce (produce) - Dublin
  6. Keelings (produce) - Dublin
  7. Manor Farm (poultry) – Cavan / Meath
  8. Ballymaguire Foods (ready meals) – Dublin
  9. Western Brand (poultry) - Mayo                 
  10. O’Brien Fine Foods (cooked meats) - Kildare
  11. ABP (meat) - Louth
  12. Hilton Meats (meat) – Louth
  13. Greenfield Foods (Monaghan)
  14. Nature’s Best (Louth)
  15. Birds Eye Ireland (Kildare)
  16. Kerry Foods (Kildare) 
  17. Unilever Ireland (Dublin)

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