Tesco launches first quadruple strength cordial, offering customers more drinks in fewer plastic bottles

The launch is the latest move from Tesco to help its customers make simple, affordable switches that benefit the planet

With recent Tesco research revealing 6 in 10 (55%) of adults saying sustainability will be a factor in their decision process when making purchases this Christmas*, Tesco has today announced the launch of a game changing new squash - its first quadruple strength cordial and the first from a major retailer in Ireland, which will offer customers more drinks in fewer plastic bottles**.

Available now in all 151 Tesco Ireland stores and online, the Tesco Quadruple Strength Squash makes twice the number of glasses as its double strength predecessor. This means that customers can now enjoy the same amount of delicious tasting squash as they have done previously, while using half the number of plastic bottles.

The new quadruple strength squash is available in 11 refreshing flavours, including Orange & Mango, Cherries & Berries, and Apple & Blackcurrant. Each flavour contains up to 40% real fruit or fruit juice, which is twice*** the amount featured in a bottle of Tesco Double Strength Squash. All flavours are available in 1.5L bottles for just €1.89, while five of the most popular flavours will also be available as 750ml bottles for just €0.99.

The Tesco Quadruple Strength Squash range is the perfect way to keep the nation hydrated and refreshed and help customers to do their bit for the planet and reducing plastic waste.

The Tesco Quadruple Strength Squash bottle is made from PET plastic and can be placed in the household recycling bin, rinsed with cap on.

The plastic sleeve on the bottle can be removed at the end of the shopping trip and recycled in stores through our collection points. Using Paltech patented technology, these plastics will be flaked and prepared for processing into construction materials to be used in the Tesco Ireland store network for new stores, and in store maintenance and refits including buildings, car-park barriers and signage, in the near future. 



Notes to editors:

Tesco is tackling the impact of plastic waste through its 4Rs strategy - to remove packaging where they can, reduce it where they can't, reuse more and recycle what's left.

  • RRP 750ML from €0.99 and 1.5L from €1.89
  • As the environmentally conscious shoppers prepare for the festive season, the planet is kept in mind amongst 6 in 10 (55%) adults who say that sustainability will be a factor in their decision process when purchasing gifts this Christmas. Research conducted by Empathy on behalf of Tesco Ireland, October 2021.
  • ** Double the servings in the new Quadruple Strength products, in the same size bottle as the previous Double Strength products. 
  • *** All flavours contain 40% real fruit or fruit juice, other than Blackcurrant which contains 35%.

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