How to create the perfect charcuterie board

All Aboard the Tesco Christmas Cheese Range

Featuring top tips on how to create the perfect charcuterie board from Sarah McGree of The Wild Grazer

This Christmas, customers can gather round a platter piled high with tempting treats, including some of Ireland’s best cheeses and wine – the perfect way to toast the festive season.

With distinct rich flavours and textures, customers can celebrate a season of special moments with Tesco’s festive range of cheeses and wines.

Tesco is proud to stock more than 50 varieties of farmhouse cheeses from all over Ireland with highlights including Cashel Blue Foil Wrap (€4), and Wicklow Gold Beechwood Smoked (€4). Each of these Irish cheeses have a unique history that relates to the cheesemaker and the farm where it was produced.

Additionally, the Tesco Finest Cheese Hamper featuring five Irish cheeses including Vintage Irish Cheddar, Mature Cashel Blue®, Mature Cooleeney Camembert, and Mature Coolea, Chulchoill Goats Log is available in 107 stores nationwide for just €20. The hamper also comes with Rye Sourdough Crackers and an Apple & Fig Chutney.

To help customers achieve great value this Christmas, Tesco Clubcard members can buy any 3 selected Irish cheeses for €10 in store on online.

The wide range of Irish farmhouse cheeses available in Tesco means that customers can impress friends or family with a bit of cheesy expertise if creating a standout charcuterie board. Sarah McGree of the Wild Grazer, a specialist cheese and charcuterie business based in Co. Kilkenny, shares her top tips for those wanting to create an impressive charcuterie board for guests over the festive season.

From honing your chopping skills to practicing proper placement, these tips will help you create an exceptional cheese board that will wow any crowd.

Timing is of the essence

  • Prepare your charcuterie board well in advance of guests arriving. Sarah recommends at least one hour to allow it to come to room temperature so that the flavours are at their best.

Take centre stage

  • Create a focal point on the board. When assembling any sharing platter, start with an item that will wow guests, like a salami rose or ramekin of delicious chutney. Build your board outwards from the centre to achieve an appetising symmetry.

Variety is key

  • Play around with ingredients, making sure to add plenty of different colours, textures, and shapes. Cut hard cheeses into slices or cubes to add levels and showcase their textures. Additionally, if you have a mix of olive lovers and olive haters, simply place your olives in a ramekin so that the flavour of the olives doesn't transfer to any other items on the board.

Perfect Pairings:

  • Select 3-5 cheeses including a mix of hard, soft, cow’s milk and goats milk cheese to curate a well-rounded board. Consider the flavour combinations on the board to make sure each ingredient can be enjoyed on its own or as part of an exciting combination. Add some honey; honey pairs beautifully with most cheeses but especially with goats cheese and blue cheese. 

And finally, when preparing any charcuterie board, Sarah recommends seeking out seasonal produce with vibrant colours to really make your board pop with ingredients such as  pomegranates, passion fruits, kiwis and figs that can be found in Tesco stores.

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