Tesco commits to helping customers spend less this New Year

Customers will benefit from price lock on hundreds of everyday products until Easter 2023

Friday, 13th January 2023 - Tesco Ireland has renewed its commitment to help customers spend less. As part of its New Year campaign, Spend less at Tesco, the retailer has announced a new price lock on hundreds of products, which will now run until Easter 2023.

The latest price lock demonstrates Tesco’s continued commitment to offer great value to its customers. Locking these Low Everyday Prices is a key part of Tesco’s commitment to delivering great value on the weekly shop – going hand-in-hand with Aldi Price Match, great value own-brand staples through ‘Exclusively at Tesco’ brands and exclusive deals through Clubcard Prices.

As well as popular branded products, prices have been locked on many favourite own-brand staples too, meaning customers can shop a wide range of products bought week-in, week-out – from cupboard essentials and teatime favourites to household cleaning and health & beauty products – safe in the knowledge they are locked at a low price.

Whether it’s our Hearty Food Company Fish Fingers and Tesco Baby Potatoes for a tasty midweek dinner or Nescafé Coffee and a bowl of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes to get your morning started, customers can count on the price of hundreds of products at Tesco to be the same each time they shop – helping them stick to budgets and spend less on their shopping.

This New Year new price lock follows a similar initiative which saw prices frozen from October until the start of 2023.

Tesco Ireland Customer Director, Cathal Deavy, said: “We know that customers are continuing to keep a close eye on their budgets, and we are doing everything we can to help them to spend less, every day.

 As we start the New Year, our Spend Less mix of Low Everyday Prices locked on hundreds of products until Easter, Aldi Price Match and Clubcard Prices is something customers can trust to help keep their budgets in check for household favourites, store cupboard staples and added extra treats for the long January days.”

Ways to spend less at Tesco:

  • Fake the Takeaway - two finest* pizzas, one garlic bread for €10 with Clubcard Prices
  • Rewards with Clubcard Partners – get three times the value of Clubcard vouchers at Milano
  • Scan as you shop – in-store scanning tool to help customers monitor their spend as they shop

For convenience, customers can shop online at www.tesco.ie or visit the Tesco Ireland app available to download from IOS or android app stores. When visiting stores, Scan as you shop is available in 95 stores and is ideal for helping customers track their spend while shopping.


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